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Labrador Training

Judge this Book by Reading its 1st Chapter
20 Reasons Why Your Dog Isn't Fully Trained

When it Really Comes to it, You Become Invisible and
Your Dog Completely Ignores You. Find Out Why This is!!


1- You are NOT in charge and your dog knows it

You have been the provider, the lover, the spoiler, the mommy, the daddy, the buddy, or just the observer, but definitely NOT the one in charge. You always came up with an excuse not to train the dog. So basically if your dog could talk, he'd be saying: “Oh come on. Who gave you the idea that I should mind you now? Sit down, shut up, and give me that belly rub, along with that pig's ear to chew on, or else I will pee on your pillow tonight.”

2- You've been brainwashed on the food-bribery concept

As long as you keep those treats coming, I'll do whatever you ask. Will be crossing your dog's mind as you keep on shoving treats down its throat, calling it a well-trained dog. You don't even bother to ask your dog to do anything for you, unless you are holding a cookie or if there are some types of treats near by. I call these dogs "half trained" dogs. Your dog at any given time should listen to you, with or without any treats.

Cookie trainers ruin dogs with this theory, promising you that your dog will still respond to you just as good, even WITHOUT the use of food in the long run. They’ll look you in the eye, promising a trained dog for life.

REALITY CHECK: Would you still work for someone once they stop paying you? Then why should your dog? Why your dog should sit? Because you said so! It's as simple as that. It’s the same mentality and principal as how WE were raised by our parents.
Don’t you miss those days? When kids didn’t have any ADD’s and minded their parents out of respect and not through bribery? Heck even adults these days been diagnosed with ADD. They call it: (Adult Attention Deficit Disorder). I guess that explains some of my clients who never seem to get it and blame me or the poor dog for their failure.

Don’t forget. Depending on treats will not teach your dog any respect. It builds trust, love and affection, but never respect. Besides, doesn’t your dog already trust and love you? It’s the respect that’s missing. Why does your dog listen to you only half of the time? Because it loves you, but might not fully respect you or your wishes.

Food-reward based training is so common, that nobody dares to question or challenge it. Dog owners automatically assume, just like we need air to breathe, feet to walk on, dogs need yummy treats to be bribed with, or else they will not get trained at all. How else are we going to train them? By beating them senseless? Actually neither and I'll prove it to you. Don't get me wrong. You could use food once in a while as a reward, but very carefully and smartly and not as a bribe.

Now that is something 95% of other dog trainers, dog books, and dog schools don't know, don't tell, or believe it or not, HIDE from you.

3- You've spoiled your dog rotten

Spoiled dogs, just like spoiled kids, don't listen to you or anyone else for that matter. They have you wrapped around their left paw and they know it. All it takes is a tamper tantrum of barking, whining, scratching, jumping, or even growling, and you get hypnotized and do things against your will.
Your dog KNOWS exactly what works on you and what doesn’t. These dogs even when you get really upset and expect them to stop an acceptable behavior, STILL end up ignoring you making you look like a retard.
From past experience, they know either you won't follow through on what you just said, can't do much, or you better believe someone else who IS spoiling your dog rotten, will come to the rescue. I guarantee you that someone else is going to be either your spouse, or one of the kids. You should emphasize more on a balance where your dog knows it is loved, but yet remains obedient to you. That’s when you’ll end up with a perfect dog.

4- Your voice tone is off - ( Remember Tone and NOT Volume)

Did you know that over eighty percent of dog trainers in the world are females? So don't worry, you don't need to have your husband/boyfriend's tone of voice in order to get your dog to mind you. However if you give a command to your dog and it sounds something like: "Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiit", "Nooooooooo" or "Dowwwwwwn", you are asking your dog and NOT telling it.

Your command shouldn't have any melody to it. So if it sounds like a request, a nag, or even like a drill Sergeant instructor, you are saying it wrong. You have to meet somewhere in between.

I always notice dog owners mimic Mickey Mouse when they are supposed to sound firm, and growl like a monster when they are supposed to sound non-threatening and friendly. You shouldn't yell at your dog, since dogs can hear three to four times better than us


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5- You have a poor technique or following the wrong method

That's just it. You're totally clueless when it comes to getting real results. Or you might do some of the training correctly, but do MOST of it all wrong. You see just like anything else it is not practice that makes perfect. It is GOOD practice that makes perfect. Top trainers rarely care on how much they train their dogs. It is HOW much you train, that makes the difference.

Even experts often make mistakes. When medical doctors slip here and there with malpractices and end up prescribing the wrong type of medication, forgetting a surgical instrument after stitching up the poor patient, and in some sad cases, cut off the wrong foot. What makes you think the so-called (Dog Experts), are always giving you the right kinds of advise?

This may surprise you that the majority of dog trainers are part-timers and train dogs on the side and as a hobby. That’s right. They all have other jobs during the day, or some at night, and teach you how to train your dog, as a hobby. You rarely run into a true pro when it comes to dog training.
Don’t forget. It’s one thing to train dogs for fun every Wednesday nights at 7pm, and it’s a totally different story to be successful and passionate enough to make a living and business out of it. This is why the majority of dog training programs rarely come with any guarantees.

Those who guarantee their work, usually follow the Diverse Method. You can throw anything at them, and they’ll simply adapt to your dog’s temperament and personality. The main key to their success is by being fluent. The more versatile and the more open-minded you are, the faster results you’ll get. So Diverse trainers are rarely your average trainer and always have a few more tricks up their sleeves and are open to different alternatives and don’t limit your options. Like I said, most of these folks are true professional, and not an amateur.

All of my training programs come with a lifetime guarantee. But I also need a guarantee from—YOU—the owner of the dog. Basically YOU will be the trainer and I'll be the instructor.
So when a dog trainer, dog school, or a doggie shrink never talks about any guarantees, this proves that they may not be following the Diverse Method, doubt their training method or worse –doubt themselves.

One of the main secrets of Cesar Millan’s (The host of the show on National Geographic Channel the Dog Whisperer) is, he definitely follows the Diverse method. He carefully sees how the dog’s temperament, the owner’s lifestyle, and their over all expectation fit through the whole picture. He then outlines a solution, specifically designed for that dog and that family. He doesn’t do any obedience training. But the combination of hands on training, along with understanding dog behavior and applying dog psychology, will make you flawless and will impress even Mr.Millan.

6- Your dog ignores you completely from a distance and when being off-leash

You don't know how to get your dog to obey you when it’s loose, off-leash and from a distance. It’s even worse if you are one of those careless, or should I say cocky owners who walk their untrained and unpredictable dogs without a leash. What if your dog's running loose chasing a cat, a squirrel, jumps up on people, or knocks down the neighbors’ kids? What if it gets into a dogfight with another loose dog? You could yell out: “NO!”, “HEY”, “Get over here”…but you can almost hear your dog laughing saying:

"What? Are you kidding me? You honestly expect me to listen to you even from a distance, without a leash and--OUTSIDE? Yeah right. I don't even listen to you across the living room mommy." Your dog should listen to you from a distance, across the room, the yard, and or in your local park. Most dog owners are always ignored and embarrassed when their dogs are not within their reach.

Remember off leash basically means: total verbal control of your dog under any circumstances. I am not just referring to commands. This also applies to when you say: “NO”, “Leave it”, “Off”, “Drop it”, “Hush”, “Be Nice” or any other command or correction you choose to give your dog from a distance. Why of leash you ask? Because 99.9% of the time your dog is either hanging around you without a leash, or might not be within reach from you.

Now that my dog-loving friend, is any dog owners' dream come true. Who wouldn’t love a dog that responds just as good with or without a leash, at any given time? Even though there is a leash law, almost nobody's dog is off-leash trained. If there is a leash law, doesn’t it make more sense to have a perfectly off-leash trained dog? You probably never looked at it that way, but you see the logic behind my point?

Trainers who advertise advanced off-leash training, to the point where your dog listens to you just as good, verbally at home, or in outdoor settings from a distance, are extremely hard to come by. I am one of the few in the country, but definitely NOT the only one.

7- You don't know how to distraction-proof your dog

Whether your dog gets excited or agitated around your visitors, around dogs, cats, squirrels, joggers, or kids on skateboards, admit it you have little or absolutely no control of your dog when it comes to these tempting distractions.

Life is full of distractions. And if you can’t get your dog to respond any place, any time and under any circumstances, your dog is the one really in charge.
I always notice the dogs that were trained in a group-class fashion act like stars in the class,but act like complete idiots at home. Most group class trainers do not prepare you and your dog for the real world. You both need to become street-smart. If a trainer does not teach you how to adapt to a real life scenario, what is the point of training? All dog owners really learn from an eight weeks group class is how their dog takes treats gently from their hands, walk around in circles, and do a few figure eight heelings, which all scream competition, or show confirmation training, and not real life training.

Always look for a trainer that teaches PRACTICAL dog training, that is taught without any yelling, hitting or constant bribery. And good luck on that. Since it is very hard to find such trainers. In the later chapters I’ll talk about how you go about finding the perfect trainer for your dog’s needs.

8- You are confusing your dog by being inconsistent

You are not consistent or clear with your instructions, your terms, or with your training theory. Every word you use keeps on changing day by day. One day you say: “Shush", "NO", "Knock it off”, and the next day you say: “Hey", "Quiet", "Shut Up”, or "It's OK". So if your dog could speak, he’d say: "You don't even know what you want. How should I?" Consistency is the key and most importantly, you need to be consistent by doing it--correctly.

I’ve seen dog owners and even TRAINERS working their dogs on a daily basis, and they still look clueless and the dog’s performance looks very weak and sloppy. It’s because they are consistent, by doing the same WRONG thing over and over again, hoping they’ll get somewhere. Does this remind you of anybody?

Think of it as dancing. Any person can hit the dance floor and shake his/her booty, call it dancing. You see the same boring and not even impressive moves over and over again. There is no skill, no technique, no style, no flow, no originality, and yet that person may strongly believe they are one of the best dancers in town. Your technique, your timing, your posture, your attitude, and be able to take constructive criticism, as well as your consistency and determination, all play a big role.

It’s the same concept when it comes to real dog training. Now please don't contact me for dancing lessons. I love watch others dance, but I don’t dance, run, or jog. If you ever see me running, it probably means a careless client's aggressive dog managed to get loose, and I'm running for my life.

9- You are using the wrong type of trainnig tool or NOT using any tools whatsover

The two most useless and annoying dog training tools ever created are: the retractable leash and the harness. I am certain that if your dog is unruly, it is because you are walking it with a retractable leash, or worse, the retractable leash is also hooked up to your dog's harness. Both of these tools offer no control to stop your dog's pulling or lunging toward other dogs, cats, kids, or joggers. In fact, your dog can pull you much better and more comfortably with these tools on.

I should also bring up the use or MISUSE of training tools that are more famous among trainers. These include: The choke collar, pinch collar, Gentle leader, Halti, electronic collar, or even that nonsense clicker. Certain tools do work, and certain ones do not. Some work for a while, then stop working.
The dogs that I usually get for training, most likely would poop up your Gentle Leader and spit out your clicker and pee on it. Studies have proven that Head halters, just like harnesses, restrain dogs. Do you want to TRAIN your dog or restrain it?

The other downside behind head-halters is they make your dog look vicious and you can never get them off-leash trained with it. The reason is simple. Your dog will always know when it’s on/off them. The second you unhook your leash, they end up scratching it off their face acting like a moron again.
Here’s another hard to ignore fact: Choke/pinch collars make--YOU--look like a mean dog owner. The Gentle Leaders and Haltis, makes YOUR DOG look mean and unpredictable. It honestly looks like a muzzle. So it's your choice. Do you want to look mean, or rather have your dog look like a mean dog? If you want people to think you are walking Cujo again, by all means, use a head halter. Choke/pinch collars if they truly get your dog’s attention, and it’s easier on your body, by all means offer a great control over stubborn, strong and dominant dogs. All competition trained dogs, and all show confirmation are done by one of these tools.

I let you use a training tool of your choice. It’s your decision, your dog, your life. I generally will give my expert recommendation after I review your dog’s personality, age, breed, size, sensitivity, and based on YOUR strengths, coordination and over all control of your dog.
You definitely will need a reliable tool that gets your dog’s attention, especially when it comes to: other dogs, guests, kids, joggers, cats, and your mail carrier. And that’s the beauty of being Diverse. I never limit your options. More on this later.

10- Your dog is naturally very stubborn, dominant, or alpha type

I’m sure you’ve noticed that your dog is very smart and sweet for the most part, but also very stubborn and sneaky. This could also be a timid dog and not necessarily an alpha type. It can be a shy dog that is very fearful around people or dogs. It may not be a big, dominant or even an aggressive type. But still, you know that this dog is the king or queen of your house.

When most people hear the word “dominant”, they automatically picture a Rottweiler that has a thick neck as big as my thigh. NO, I am actually referring to that Chihuahua, that fluffy Pomeranian, or even that Weiner dog for god's sake.

Any breed, any age and certainly any size dog can run your life for you. I see it all the time. This will be even more obvious once you STOP using treats with your dog and see whether your dog truly listens to you for you, and not because of a crispy bacon strip.

11- You haven't done any training with your dog for weeks, months, or even years

Maybe you already seen some, if not great results on your own. Make sure you use it. Don't lose it. You might be one of those owners who knows exactly what to do, how to do it, why you should do it, and even which training tools work best on your dog. Then what are you waiting for? Knock yourself out and get back on track, before it’s too late.

There is a saying that goes: “Knowledge is power”. Do you agree with that? Actually that’s NOT true at all! It’s the USE of your knowledge that will make you powerful. Otherwise knowledge, any knowledge, is just plain information. It’s what we DO with it that counts. Wouldn’t you agree?
Not bad for a dog trainer huh? I guess I can also make a great motivational speaker. Dog training thank God hasn’t gotten that slow yet. I’ve done many things in life, but always seen myself drawn back to training dogs and helping frustrated owners with their needs. Enough about me.

So remember practicing here and there is better than nothing, but rarely good enough. Your dog's performance will not only get sloppy, but you'll soon notice it testing you all over again. Dogs are exactly like music instruments. Tune them, and make sure they stay in tuned. They will not tune themselves up.
When you procrastinate and all of sudden expect your dog to do a command for you out of the blue, if your dog could talk, he'd be saying: "Not that nonsense again. How many times do I have to Sit, Down, Heel or Stay for you? You know that I know all these. Come on. It's been weeks or even months that you haven't asked me to do Jack. So why now? Look I give a paw. Isn't that enough?"

12- You've been misled on how young/old you may start or give up on your dog's training

You think your dog is just too old or too young to change for the better. Perhaps you believe your dog has already trained you and is set his/her own ways.

If your dog is five years old that is in need of training, remember that this dog could easily live another four to five years. Ask yourself this. Do you really want to wait that long to start training your dog? Don't you think your dog will most likely get even worse by then? Do you honestly want to put up with those annoying bad habits for few more months or even years? Probably not!
As with puppies, I accept pups in my programs as young as seven weeks old. In fact, I sometimes get owners ship their puppies directly from the breeders to me. This way I make sure to solve and control their:

Play-biting, Jumping Up, Whining, Barking, Excitement/fearful urination, Separation Anxiety as well as leash acceptance, so your pup doesn’t throw a tantrum when being leashed, by putting the brakes on, or shake their head side to side, as if it’s possessed. And of course let’s not forget. Get it completely housetrained.

A puppy that young believe it or not can also be taught to Sit, Lie Down, Come and even to Stay for a good 15-20 minutes. Walking and heeling might be the very last thing on your mind. Basically puppy owners need help with puppy problem-solving.

So if you can find a trainer that specializes puppy in behavior, rather than just obedience commands, you should be able to get things under control from your home, regardless of whether your pup is vaccinated or not. This also applies to adult dogs which are much bigger, stronger, and more stubborn, that been getting away with murder for months or even years.

13- You truly ARE in charge for the most part, but it's only half of the time

Even if you are in charge 80-90% of the time, you are still NOT in charge 100%. And trust me. That 10% still makes a huge difference on how much your dog minds you in general.

14- Your dog snaps or growls when he doesn't want to obey and even gets away with it

You touch your dog the wrong way, try to clip her nails, brush her, and try to move her off your lap, or the couch, your dog growls, shows you some nice set of teeth, and really goes after you with a vengeance. Your dog notices you backing away yelling: "HOLLY COW! Fine then. I guess I'll leave you alone."
Let’s think doggie logic. Your dog is thinking, “Didn't I tell you that I'll move whenever
**** I **** darn feel like it? GRRRRRRR". So every time your dog growls and lunges at you and gets away with it, you lose and your cute dog wins. Yes, more like Cute Cujo.
This is a very dangerous behavior that if not corrected immediately, always stays the same and in some severe cases, gets even worse. So you definitely don’t want worse to go to worst.

15- Your dog is very sensitive, shy, scared, or has been abused

This is when you should know how much to push, when to back down, when your dog is just acting, and what is real. Some dogs act as if you are killing them. I usually call the male ones, Oscar. For an Oscar performance and the females Emmy, for an Emmy Award Nominee.

So if you have a dog with Oscar and Emmy award potential, you have to really know what is acting and what is real. All dogs are very good in giving you that innocent look, cute eyes, heart melting whimper, and owners usually fall for it. Don’t kids do that with their parents? Didn’t you, your brothers, or your sisters try to pull these moves on your poor parents?

Some dogs are truly that shy, scared or sensitive. Some are just great actors. I’ve seen dogs even limp when they want someone to feel sorry for them. An experienced trainer or a behaviorist can always tell the difference. Keep in mind, when dogs get scared or nervous, just like us they don't respond to your commands as easily. And who can blame them.

16- You are holding a wrong posture while training, and don't know how well dogs can read our body language like an open book

If you continue to reprimand or train your dog by bending over, kneeling down, or by constantly getting on your knees (especially while asking your dog to lay down), you are doing it wrong. I love it when I see dog owners slap the floor on down command. Why? Your dog knows where the floor is. You don’t even need to snap that finger and point toward to the floor. It’s just your dog loves you to death, but doesn’t fully respect you. When a dog lays down for you, without yelling, hitting, or even any bribery, this clearly means he/she has accepted you as the one in charge.

In fact, the only time you should break your back is while petting and praising, and when you are dealing with a fearful dog. Here’s a better example: You wouldn’t walk up standing tall to a dog that is shaking like a leaf from fear, hiding behind the couch, by standing erect with your hands on your waist, would you? NO of course you wouldn't. You would naturally bend or squat down extending your arm, hoping the doggie would sniff your hand and not see you as a threat anymore.

Dogs are masters in reading not only dogs' body language, but also humans’. You must know exactly when and where you need to stand straight and when to break your back.

17- Your dog doesn't trust anybody, not me, not you, and not..

This is not necessarily the same as your dog being shy, scared, nervous or even sensitive. It just may be that the dog is still not sure about you. He's not sure whether to submit, fight, flee, or make friend with you. He is trying to read you. Are you loud, consistent, friendly, strong, pushy, assertive, easygoing, fun, skilled, or a psycho? The dog is trying to get a feel about you.
I always notice this with the dogs that are shipped to me to be personally trained by me. As I am learning to understand these dogs’ temperament, personality and their level of response, they are also reading me.

Trust is a big issue for us and it’s no different with dogs. You have to trust someone in order to accept him/her as your leader, or a friend. How do you build trust? Well, with fearful, shy and abused dogs you may use tasty treats, along with applying the right method, right tone, and the right training tool. And with other dogs… oh come on. You don't expect me to reveal all of my secrets in here do you? I couldn't do that even if I wanted to. There is so much to learn and not enough space to fit them all in #17.

This is just the preview of a great movie or the appetizer. My book will actually get to the meat. If you are a vegetarian, I’ll get you the lettuce and the carrot along with an organic ranch dip. You can pass me the juicy steak. I want mine well done.

18- Your dog got bored

That's right. Dogs get bored too. If you make the training really long, boring and predictable, your dog will get bored and stop responding to you. Don't believe me? Try this. Just tell your dog to sit 15 times in a row. You'll see the more you make him do it, the slower and less responsive he’ll become. In fact, don’t be surprise if you even notice your dog give you that dirty look, walk away, bark at you, or even snap at you, so you leave him alone.

Again, if your dog could speak, he'd be yelling at you saying: “Come on now. I did it that many times and you know I did them. Where is the cookie? I don’t work for FREE you know. I know Sit, you know I know it, I know I know it, I don't want to do it anymore. Can’t you get it? I am done. Finito!!!” Yes--they speak Spanish when they are really upset.

19- Your poor dog doesn't feel well

This could be as minor as the weather being hot, cold, or when your dog is sick, had a surgery, got some stitches, or you found out your dog has some kind of a virus.

Let's be fair. Do YOU respond or even function well when you don't feel well? You might try to put yourself together, but it's not going to be the same. Then please make sure your dog is in no kind of physical or emotional pain, discomfort, and is in perfect health, before you throw all these fancy commands at her, or expect her not to act out of her character.

20- You have the wrong attitude and your dog picks up on it

It doesn't really matter if your dog weighs just as much as you, or even outweighs you. You have to be more stubborn than your dog. It's not how tall, how short, or how tough you are. It's your attitude.
I saw this comedian once who happened to be a very short man. He said: "People don't always respect short people. He then continued, heck even short people don't respect short people. They just don't. We say don't judge a book by its cover, but we still can't help it." (That’s why I made sure my book’s cover appeals to every dog owner out there.)

When you are only this strong, this tall, and this consistent, your dog will definitely sense, see, and feel it. Your dog is not dumb and will try to challenge you, and that's where the power of attitude comes in.
You might be surprised to know that Tom Cruise is actually a short person. Ask anyone who met him in person, or pay very close attention when you see him on the screen next to others. In actuality, he may be a short man, but the way he talks, walks, acts, and even fights, you'd swear that he could kick anybody's butt in seconds.

People always guess me taller, lighter than my actual weight or maybe they are just being kind (thank God for that), and fortunately or unfortunately, always guess me OLDER than my real age. What's funny is, I honestly do see myself taller than my actual height and think of myself older and hopefully wiser, than my real age. It really is because of your attitude, your energy, your posture and how you present yourself to the outside world.

Here's another story on power of attitude:
I've been to thousands of families’ homes and noticed something very interesting. I've noticed that out of twenty families, in only two to three of them the men were in charge. The rest always been the women making that final decision.

Talk about the alpha here. These women are not tougher, taller, or even physically stronger than their husbands/boyfriends, but yet all it takes is one dirty look, and the rest is history. Sorry guys, but you know I'm right.

I’ve traveled around the world and seen different cultures and at least that's what I've noticed in the U.S. And for those of you who haven’t traveled outside America, you just don’t know how great of a country we’re living in. The more you travel outside the U.S., the more you’ll appreciate it. America is truly the best country in the world. It may not have the best-trained dogs, but don’t worry, we’ll work on that.
I jokingly once asked a client of mine, “So who wears the pants in your house? You or your husband--John?” She answered: “Oh Kev, John definitely wears the pants in this house. I just tell him which pants to wear.”

Now can you think of any other reason which I've might have missed in here? I didn't think so. Didn’t I promise you that you can relate to at least ten of them? Sure you can tell me that your dog is stupid, mentally retarded, or he's been inbred. All these reasons are the usual excuses of food-reward trainers. I am serious.

I've noticed that in cookie training schools, if their food-bribery fails, they’ll come up with some absurd excuses. If your dog is truly slow, or not that bright, so what? Don't we have slow people among us? Does that mean we have to give up on them and totally scratch them off society?
Bottom line, whether your dog is bright or not, cute or ugly, bald or fluffy, big or small, friendly or scary, I'm sure you'd agree that nobody can stand a dog that:

· Jumps Up on You, the Visitors, or the Kids
· Pees and Poops everywhere
· Flips out when it Sees Other dogs
· Drags you on Leash
· Begs and Steals Food any Chance it Gets
. Barks constantly at your presence/absence
· Tries to Eat Cats and Squirrels for Lunch
· Ignores Your Commands, Making you Scream from Top of Your Lungs
· Gets into things or steals things off Counters
· Knocks Down the Kids
· Keeps on Getting in Fights with Your Other Dog
· Chases Cars, Bicycles, Kids on Skateboards or make
the poor Joggers run even Faster
And worse of them all, even growls and snaps at strangers, the kids, or worse toward you or your loved ones.

If your dog acts like a moron, it is because you let it get away with these unacceptable behavior up to this point. And if your dog sets to be a role model, then it’s also because of your actions. People rarely get lucky. Just like kids with good manners don’t just fall out of the sky. It’s the same with polite and obedient dogs. So if you don’t have any kids of your own yet, can’t have any kids, or don’t care for any kids, your dogs are considered as your kids.

You always say: "Oh he's my baby", “She’s my girl.”, then make sure your baby is under total control. Don't you hate parents that have no control over their kids? Providing a good home, food, and medical expenses is only half of your responsibilities.

You can't get anywhere, if you don't know where you're at. These twenty reasons, whether you are an experienced dog owner, first time dog owner, experienced dog trainer, or a beginner, lets you know EXACTLY where you are with your dog, and where you want to go from here on.



The first chapter of my book taught you this much for free. Free these days means headache. There is always a catch. In this case, the catch might be you ending up with a well-trained dog.

I've read over 200 hundred books on dog training, dog behavior and understanding dog psychology. One thing I've noticed about books, they are just like movies. There are lots of stupid movies out there, even movies with great actors in them. And there are lots of stupid books out there. Not only in dog training, but in general. Some are so pathetic that makes you wonder why would someone write such a book, who would waste their time reading it, who would publish it, and who would sadly buy it?

Whether you order the rest of my book or not, it doesn’t make much difference to me. All I wanted is in case you are interested in hiring me in person, you get to know me better. See what my message is all about, and to be able to point out where you are with your dog, and where you want to go from here. You can't get anywhere, if you don't know where you're at, at this very moment. .

I don’t make my living selling books. This might sound like bragging, but I already get enough business from all over the world. I know plenty of dog training books in e book format and are downloadable. Most of these folks never trained dogs in their lives and have fake names. How you can prove this, is simply try to look them up. See if they ever trained dogs in their lives. See if you can find a school name, an actual location, a group class, or even a listing with their actual phone number.

Try to look for a contact number. See if you can see his/her work in person, and real clients to talk to. Good luck on that. There are crooks in every field, and it’s no different when it comes to dog training.

I show my skills on a video clip and you can reach me on the phone, meet me in person, and am available to work with you and your dog in person. There are no ghosts involved. I didn’t even hire a ghostwriter for my book. You are actually dealing with the real deal, who loves working with you AND your dog. With dog trainers, this is rare. Since most might like dogs, but may treat YOU like a dog.

Don’t forget your dog is a reflection of YOU. Friends, neighbors, relatives and even complete strangers will always judge you based on how your dog acts, looks and responds to you.

By Kevin "The Dog Prodigy" Salem, from the first chapter of his book,
Hidden Secrets Behind Dog Training.

Why and How I Really Got into the World of Dogs
It’s NOT about the Money or Fame for me!


I was probably about twelve years old. We had a yellow Labrador Retriever whom we all loved dearly. Just like any other lab, he was always happy, hyper and goofy as he can be.

We had to leave town for a few days and couldn’t take him with us. Unfortunately, we asked one of our neighbors to watch him for us. He promised that while we were away, that he and his kids would drop by and check in on him and feed him for us. Just like any other untrained dog, every time the neighbor dropped by, our dog would run around, jump up on them and try to get them to play with him.

One day our evil neighbor got fed up with our dog’s constant jumping and grabbed our shovel and slammed it across his skull. The blow was so severe, that it resulted in our dog suffering from internal bleeding in his brain. Other neighbors told us that our poor dog cried and howled day and night, pacing back and forth, bumping into walls. They said, “He seemed as if he went blind and would stare at the walls for hours.” They also noticed his dish was full of food– just as we left it.

When we arrived home, I didn’t hear his usual happy whimpering or the usual noises all dogs make when they sense their owners’ arrival. We tried to push the gate open but noticed it was stuck. We finally managed to push it open and found our dog’s stiff body right outside our gate. Our poor dog tried to see us so badly, that he dragged himself all the way from the center of our yard to the gate and died waiting on us. I remember his paw prints on the snow which stopped half way… and the rest he dragged his nearly half dead body all the way to the gate, hoping to see us one last time. That was the first time I ever saw my dad cry.

When they say “Man’s Best Friend,” that is so true. From that day on I developed a very strong love and attachment toward dogs. I read most of Jack London’s books in which he relates to dogs and wolves. Part of the reason Jack London describes dogs and their loyalty so well, is because at one point he was homeless himself and lived with homeless dogs on the streets and under bridges.

You see, when someone loses a loved one in a tragic manner or if they are or have been, a victim themselves. They have a tendency to get involved in that particular field to make a difference in someone else’s life. These individuals, whose lives have been scarred by their loss, do a much better job. It’s because they have their hearts and soul in it. It’s personal for them and not always about the money. Some will build new organizations, pass new laws or donate their time and money, because it gives them a joy and helps them to heal.

As ambitious and determined as I am, I still cannot get to every dog owner around the world. But perhaps my book can make a lasting impact in the lives of “Man’s Best Friend” for years to come.

Not everyone asks me exactly why I am involved with dogs and their owners. My drive comes more from the love of dogs. It really breaks my heart when I see the shelters and dog pound full of unwanted dogs and the poor dogs being abused. When ninety percent of the time it is because of the owner’s lack of commitment, dedication, knowledge or proper training technique.

Not everyone asks me exactly why I am involved with dogs and their owners. My drive comes more from the love of dogs. It really breaks my heart when I see the shelters and the pound full of unwanted dogs. When ninety percent of the time it is because of the owner’s lack of commitment, dedication, knowledge or proper training technique.


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